Wine List App
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iPad Wine List

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No wi-fi required
Once your wine list data is downloaded to your iPads, you do not need to be connected in order for them to work.
Managed by your sommelier
There are no set-up fees. Using our Excel upload software, anyone can upload, update and synchronize wine lists to any number of iPads 
Wine List App
There's no special hardware required. You simply download the app and updates directly from the Apple Store.
Branded for your Restaurant
Restaurant images, tasting notes, food pairings, catagories and sortable attributes are totally customizable.
For restaurants, 
wine bars, hotels 
and clubs
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The ultimate wine list.
iPad Wine Lists for guests have been positively impacting wine sales and restaurant reputations. Get your impressive wine collection out in front of your customers and make it easy for them to select the perfect wine.
* This app is completely free in 2013 to all qualifying establishments. Starting in 2014, modest monthly fees may apply.